Rathcabbin Development


Lorrha Notes

Children take a break from the 2014 Litter Pick in April in the new Rathcabbin Development Community Sensory Garden.

Prizes for anti litter poster competition

Prizes for anti litter poster competition


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Plants and boxes

Plants and boxes

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In July 2013, children help to plant fruit trees in the new village garden.IMG_8389 (2)IMG_8396 (2)

Fergal Quinn helps Rathcabbin Development to paint the village walls when he visited for the Retail Therapy
Programme in August 2012.

Rathcabbin Development.

Formed about Twenty years ago, Rathcabbin Development did great work throughout the village over a number of years, but like a lot of committees, numbers and interest fell off, the group split and then fell asunder eventually for some time.

In recent years a committee was formed with Patrick Burke as the Chairman and Darina Kelly Secretary. This group were responsible for starting a clean up of the village once again, planting flowers and also running the very successful St. Patrick’s Day Parade to help raise finances. A very interested man in Rathcabbin Development is Pat Kelly and his interest spans back over the twenty odd years or so when the group was formed as Pat was elected Treasurer then and is joint treasurer on this present committee…… now there’s commitment. Well done Pat.

The present group under the Chairmanship of Dessie Clancy with Secretary Darina Kelly and joint Treasurers Pat Kelly and Ray Clancy, meet on a regular basis, mostly on a Wednesday evening at 7p.m. with a group of interested volunteers, to continue their work with cleaning, weeding, cutting, planting etc. and anyone wishing to help here will be welcome to do so. You can contact any member of the committee if you feel like helping.