Rathcabbin Players present their 2024 production the Sam Cree comedy “Don’t tell the Wife”.

Front seated feom left: Marguerite Walsh, Hubert Hogan, Maria Maher. Back: Pat Kennedy (Producer), Michael Bolton, Rueban Noyce, Mick Hoctor. Missing from photo: Catherine Burke, Fiona Maher O’Brien. Photo: Rose Mannion.


Lorrha Drama Group Present their 2023 Comedy by Sam Cree.

Lorrha Drama Group are busy rehearsing for their forthcoming comedy ‘Cupid Wore Skirts’. This three act comedy which was written by Sam Cree is directed by Phil Quigley and will be staged in Lorrha Hall on December 1st. 2nd and 3rd. 2023.  Doors open at 7.30pm. Curtains up at 8.00pm sharp.
Pictured above are the cast:  Front from left:  Carmel Slevin (Gladys Gilmore), Suzanne Corcoran (Isobel Stanfield), Aldie Harding (Daphne Dunlop), Rose Harding (Harriet Courtney), Heather Cahill (Ingrid Hanson).
Back: Lochlann McGrath (Brian Coulter), Andrew Dagg (Grandad Coulter), Mark Mannion (Ronnie), Alan Quirke (Andy Coulter).   Photo: Rose Mannion.

Rathcabbin Players are back for one night only by popular demand with their two act hilarious comedy “Perfect Wedding”  in Rathcabbin Hall (R42 Y188)  on Friday night March 3rd.2023  But hurry if you want to book because seats are filling up fast. Doors open at 7.15pm curtains up at 8pm. Admission €10. Booking is essential on (087) 2605647 between 6.30pm and 8pm.only please.
Meet the cast.  Seated:  Tom – the best man, Andrew Dagg, Bill – groom, Hubert Hogan. Back:  Julie – chambermaid, Maria Maher, Daphne – bride’s mother, Darina Kelly, Rachel – bride, Fiona O’Brien, Judy – girl, Catherine Burke.            Pic: Rose Mannion. 


Members of Rathcabbin Players pictured with their Producer during rehearsals for ‘Perfect Wedding’ which will be staged in Rathcabbin Hall on Thursday night Feb 23rd. Fri. 24th. Sat. 25th and Sun.26th February.   Doors open at 7.15pm curtains up at 8pm. Admission €10. Booking is essential on (087) 2605647 between 6.30pm and 8pm.only please.
Seated:  Andrew Dagg and Hubert Hogan. Back: Fiona O’Brien, Catherine Burke, Jared Madden (Producer), Darina Kelly, Fiona Kennedy (continuity), Maria Maher.  Photo: Rose Mannion  

The cast of Lorrha Drama group pictured recently during rehearsals for their 2023 production of ‘A Scull in Connemara’. Written by Martin McDonagh.
Alan Quirke, Philip McGrath, Michelle Needham, Phil Quigley (director), Rose Harding (prompter), Tim Reddan. 
The play will be staged on Friday night 20th January, Saturday 21st and Sunday 23rd in Lorrha Community Hall. Doors open at 8pm curtains up at 8.30pm. 

Rathcabbin Players present ‘Happy Birthday Dear Alice’ by playwright Bernard Farrell and directed by Anne Clarke, in Rathcabbin Hall for four nights only, from Thursday 30th January to Sunday 2nd February 2020  at 8.30pm. Doors open at 7.45, curtains up at 8.30 sharp. Booking line open from January 23rd between 6 and 8pm daily on (087) 2360096. 
Cast from left Catherine Bourke, Andrew Dagg, Darina Kelly, Michael Bowler, Fiona Kennedy, Pat Kennedy.   


Rathcabbin Players are back on stage for four nights only, from Thursday night February 28th to Sunday night  March 3rd in Rathcabbin Hall with Jimmy Keary’s 3 act comedy ‘Better Late Than Never’.  Doors open at 8.00pm with curtains up at 8.30pm sharp. Booking line open on (087) 2360096 between 6.00 and 8.00pm.Pictured above are the cast and director. From left: Andrew Dagg, Marian Frawley (director), Teresa Ryan Feehan, Pat Kennedy, Mick Hoctor, Catherine Bourke, Eva Noyce, Tadgh Nevin, Fiona Kennedy. Sunday night’s performance is in aid of the Special Olympics.

The cast of Rathcabbin Players 2019 production to be staged at end of January ‘Better Late than Never’
From left: Hubert Hogan, Marian Frawley (director), Teresa Ryan Feehan, Pat Kennedy, Mick Hoctor, Catherine Bourke, Eva Noyce, Tadgh Nevin, Fiona Kennedy.

The cast of Lorrha Variety Groups 2018 Production

2018. The cast of Rathcabbin Players  who  performed Tommy Marren’s 2 act comedy “Nobody’s Talking to Me”. The group were the first amateur group to perform this play with producer Marian Frawley.  Front from left: Garry Tooher  (Fr. O’Toole), Nancy Liffey (Maggie), Teresa Ryan Feehan (Minnie), Mick Hoctor (Luke), Hubert Hogan (Mattie).  Back:  Mary Dermody (Kathleen), Tadgh Nevin (Andy), Mary Carroll (Kathleen)
Photo:  Rose Mannion.


The cast of Lorrha Variety Group’s 2017 three act Sam Cree comedy “Stop it Nurse” .
Front row: Rose Harding, Carmel Slevin & Barbara Tierney. Back: Mark Mannion, Suzanne Corcoran, Timmy Reddan, Mark Houlihan, Alan Quirke, Ann Marie Hough, Maeve Shiels.  

It’s the Real McCoy in Lorrha. Tim Reddin, Mark Houlihan, Carmel Slevin, Theresa Walker, Anne Marie Hough Mick Ryan.  Photo: Rose Mannion

The Cast and Producer of Rathcabbin Players 2017 production of Thy Will Be Done. Pat Kennedy, Pauline Walsh, Peter Seman, Marian Frawley (Producer), Hubert Hogan.  Photo: Rose Mannion.

The recently elected Rathcabbin Players committee who will oversee the 2017 production by Marian Frawley of Michael Carey’s comedy “Thy Will Be Done”. The play will go on stage from Thursday January 19th to 22nd and again the second week-end for two further nights the 28th and 29th. 2016.  From left:  Mary Dermody (Secretary), Rose Mannion (P.R.O.), Ray Kennedy (Chairman), Pat Kennedy (Vice Chairman), Catherine Bourke (Assistant Secretary), Eamon Symth and Willie Reddin (Treasurers).
Photo: Rose Mannion.


The cast of ‘Drinking Habits’ which will be performed by Lorrha Variety Group in Lorrha Hall from Friday night Nov. 27th to Sunday 29th 2015. Doors open at 8pm with curtains up at 8.30p.m  A three act comedy written  by T. Smyth ‘Drinking Habits’ is a side splitting farce which is set in a convent and involves two Nuns who are secretly making wine to help make ends meet and the result is hilarious. From left: Barbara Tierney, Rose Harding, Carmel Slevin, Andrew Dagg, Geraldine Maher, Timmy Reddin, Mark Houlihan and Teresa Walker.



Rathcabbin Players Secretary Fiona Kennedy travels to the Special Olympics in Los Angeles in July 2015 as a volunteer and to help her with her fundraising drive for the trip, Rathcabbin Players staged an extra night recently of “Wild Goose Chase” and presented the proceeds which amounted to €2,100 to Fiona after the performance. Pictured here presenting the cheque are the cast and Director. From left Eamonn Smyth, Fiona Kennedy, Tadhg Nevin (Chairman), Pat Kennedy, Brendan Dolan (Director). Back: Kevin Kennedy, Marguerite Walsh, Mark Carroll Stacey Guinan, Mary Carroll, Des Clancy, Nancy Liffey.
Photo: Rose Mannion

IMG_0261 (2)

Eamonn O’Dwyer of Tipp FM Down Your Way recording a snippet from Wild Goose Chase by Derek Benfield to mark the 30th Anniversary of Rathcabbin Players. The recording took place in Kelly’s Rathcabbin on January 18th 2015.  Photos: Rose Mannion

IMG_0240 (2)IMG_8971 (3)

Mother Knows Best.

Lorrha Variety group will be performing “Mother Knows Best” written by Jimmy Keary and directed by Phil Quigley 5th, 6th and 7th December 2014 in Lorrha Hall.

IMG_1720 (2)

The cast of Rathcabbin Players production of Poor Beast in the Rain. Marguerite Walsh (Molly), Tadhg Nevin (Joe), Eamon Smyth (Steven), Fiona Kennedy (Eileen), Kevin Kennedy (Georgie) while seated in front is Ray Kennedy ( Speaker), Brendan Dolan (Director), Pat Kennedy (Danger Doyle). The play runs for the last four nights, Thursday 30th to Sunday February 2nd. Curtains up at 8.30pm sharp. Admission €10 and €5. Booking essential on (087) 2360096.  

Canaries Cast photo (2)

The cast of ‘Canaries’ which will be staged in Lorrha Hall from Friday 29th Nov. to Sunday Dec 1st at 8.30pm. Tickets €10.

"Adrian Foley" meets the playwrite of "The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley".

The Cast of Rathcabbin Players “The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley” which was staged in Rathcabbin Hall the last week-end in January & the first week-end in February 2013.
Front: Marguerite Walsh (Lucy Lacey), Stacey Sullivan (Hazel Myers), Mary Carroll (Chrissie McCabe), Nancy Liffey (Aggie Foley).
Back: Tadhg Nevin (Gabriel Foley), Kevin Kennedy (Clive Snell), Ray Clancy (Liam Gavigan), Hubert Hogan (Morris Delamere).

Lorrha VarietyGroup Present “Wanted-One Body” in January 2013

Rathcabbin Players donate 2500 euro to Rathcabbin N.S. from their recent staging of Tom, Dick and Harry.

Rathcabbin Players are back on stage Friday night Feb 3rd to Sunday night 5th with this hilarious comedy
‘Tom, Dick & Harry’. Booking on (087) 2360096.

Rathcabbin Players present “Tom,Dick and Harry” in Rathcabbin Hall the last week-end in January and the first week-end in February. Admission by booking only to (087) 2360096 between 5.30 and 8.30 daily.

Lorrha Variety Group 2011. Widows Paradise.