Carrigahorig Development


In 2003 and for many years before, the area of Carrigahorig village between the bridge and the entrance to Santa Cruise House was a wilderness, the riverbank choked with hogweed and the waterfall obscured by brambles, scrub and shoots growing wild. Situated at its focal point, it gave the village a look of neglect and decay.

However, a small group of residents had the vision to realise that the reclamation of this area could enhance the village as much as it then undermined it. They set about the task of developing a plan to recover the riverbank as a community asset and in 2005, they secured the partnership of North Tipperary County Council in their endeavour.

In 2009, the fruits of this partnership are evident in the successful completion of phase one and two of the scheme. The waterfall is now the splendid centrepiece of an extensive green landscape, with walkways and benches and with new trees, chosen and planted on the recommendations of advisors from the Botanic Gardens.

Everyone in the locality is delighted with this enrichment of the village environment. It is an asset and a pleasure now being shared with the public at large. Already an attractive stopping place for motorists, picnic parties and wedding photographs, it promises to mature into a landmark feature, as the first village in county Tipperary to be encountered by those travelling from Galway.
      Members of the Carrigahorig Development Committee from left: Eamonn Egan (Chairman), Nigel Fox (Treasurer), Antoinette Haugh & Martina Egan (Joint Secretaries), Des Haugh & Brendan Flynn (Vice Chairmen).