Lorrha Notes

A man out saving his winter fuel. This could easily be a scene from the past if Minister Jimmy Deenihan has his way.  The Government aim to close all bogs in Ireland over the coming years.
The Turf Cutters Association have issued the following statement to-day Wednesday 26th October.

TCCA Response to Government Compensation Package

The TCCA exists to defend the right of indigenous small scale domestic turf cutters to cut their own turf for their own use in their own bogs. In its submission to the Government’s Working Group dated 17-Jul-2009 the TCCA demonstrated that small scale domestic Turf Cutting and active raised bog habitat conservation can co-exist. Small scale Domestic Turf Cutting is a sustainable use of a local natural resource which also provides significant rural employment at a time of great need.

Our submission also demonstrated that the state already owns approximately 92% of the Raised Bogs in question and that No Turf whatsoever was cut on those bogs where Active Raised Bog habitat suffered its greatest decline. The submission also identified several bogs where active raised bog habitat increased in the presence of active Domestic Turf Cutting.

The Habitats Directive was enacted to conserve habitat flora and fauna. Attempts by the Government the EU and environmentalists to extend the Habitats Directive into the areas of Carbon Accounting Carbon Emissions and Carbon Trading amount to a perversion of the Directive aimed at ending all private turf cutting on all bogs in Ireland.

Minister Deenihan’s recent statements on the Turf Cutting issue have been incoherent & incomprehensible and have further confused an already complex situation. Herein we will attempt to clarify the matter for our supporters in so far as is possible.

(a) In the Dail on the 18-Oct-2011 while referring to a proposal that the State would provide an annual delivery of turf to those who must stop turf cutting as an alternative to a financial payment Minister Deenihan stated “My Department is now making arrangements to include this as an element of the compensation arrangements.” thereby giving the impression that 1 “Qualifying” household per Turf Bank would receive free Turf for 15 years.

(b) On “Morning Ireland” the following day the Minister said “ … Turf Cutters that can’t relocate to another Bog will then get a delivery of Turf … ”

(c) Later in the interview the Minister was asked “ … will this be an alternative to the €1000 compensation scheme ?”. He answered “It will be …” apparently confirming the impresion that 1 “Qualifying” household per Turf Bank would receive free Turf for 15 years.

(d) However during the interview he also referred to the delivery of turf as being an “interim measure” which cast doubt over his statements in the Dail the previous day and earlier in that same interview.

(e) The TCCA sought clarification from the Minister’s own Department and in reply we received a letter of clarification on 19-Oct-2011.

(f) The Department’s letter confirmed that the delivery of Turf is only an “Interim
Measure” for 4 years (reviewable). What good is this to a Turf Cutter who Can’t be Relocated ? This is not what the Minister told the Dail and it is not what he said at the beginning of the “Morning Ireland” interview ! In this respect the Minister has misled the Dail and the Irish People !

In the sordid history of the Government’s betrayal & Broken Promises on the Turf Cutting issue this is a new low. This Minister’s promise did not last 24 hours !
Bog and Turbary owners looking at the most recent shambles of a package may wish to take the following into account as part of their deliberations …

(1) Many family turf banks support the households of several siblings as a shared
resource. Only one “Qualifying” Household can avail of the annual €1000 payment or the Delivery of Turf !

(2) The Turf value of 1 acre of Raised Bog is circa €280000. How does an
annual payment of €1000 over 15 years or a free delivery of Turf for 4 years compensate for the loss of such a valuable resource ?

(3) There is NO Statutory Basis for either the €1000 annuity or the Turf Delivery schemes. This mean that both schemes can be discontinued by the Government without warning. A Turf Cutter’s only redress then would be to sue the Government!

(4) More than 500 bog & turbary owners who signed up to a previous Government’s "buy out" scheme were NEVER paid ! Even though the owners have not been paid the Government & EU continue to insist that they must not cut their turf !
This government has recently stated that these Turf Cutters are NOT going to be paid!

(5) According to the EU & Government people who have not Cut Turf in the Previous 5 years do not “Qualify” for any compensation ! If you accept either scheme and do not cut turf for 5 years the EU & Government contend that you have forfeited your rights as an Active Turf Cutter.

(6) The Government have already repudiated one Relocation Agreement with Turf Cutters and have broken every other agreement they have made with turf cutters. It would therefore be ill-advised to sign your rights away on the basis of further Government promises.

(7) To avail of either scheme a Turf Cutter must sign a Consent allowing their bog to be flooded. Once your bog is flooded what are your options if the Government abandons or repudiates the compensation schemes ?

(8) Having sanctioned the flooding of their bogs might individual bog & turbary owners be liable for loss of life or damage to the property of others due to flooding or bog slides ? Many bogs contain "swallow holes" "sink holes" and underground waterways. Ill-advised interference with these drainage systems or flooding the bogs could result in serious flooding incidents many miles distant from the bog itself. The Government has not indemnified the signatories to either scheme against any such a potential legal liability !

(7) The TCCA will be unable to help Turf Cutters who have signed away their Turf Cutting Rights !

(8) If you are in receipt of Farm Payments and you opt for the €1000 payment for 15 years or while awaiting relocation the €1000 annuity will be deducted from your Farm Payments. Therefore you may receive no net gain in return for surrendering your Turf Cutting Rights.

(9) One acre of Raised Bog will heat your home and the future homes of your
children & grandchildren for in excess of 200 years. With your bog having been flooded by the Government & EU what will you use for fuel in year 16 ? Should we sell our children’s future and heritage so cheaply ?

(10) With an additional 630 sites already identified as Proposed NHAs and
environmentalists demanding that a further 424 Bogland Sites be Designated as additional SACs how much turf could you reasonably expect to purchase with €1000?

(11) Bord Na Mona now controls the import and distribution of all solid fuels in
Ireland. Like the other State Companies Bord Na Mona will probably be privatised by this Government to help pay for their Bank Bail-Out. This could create a Private Monopoly in the Solid Fuel market. How much will home heating cost us when the market is run by a giant monopoly ? If Bord Na Mona is privatised will the new owners continue to supply Minister Deenihan’s “Turf Delivery” scheme ?

(12) Our bogs have Carbon Credits attaching to them. These are our property too and are potentially very valuable. The Government is not proposing to compensate us for the loss of our Carbon Credits. Instead they intend to engage in the "sharp practice" of using the income stream from Our Own carbon credits to help fund the annual €1000 compensation payment.

(13) If you accept the €1000 annuity either for the 15 year term or the 4 year Interim Measure the Government will recoup at least 25% of your compensation payment in VAT Excise & Carbon Taxes !

Minister Deenihan’s latest compensation scheme is even more shambolic than its predecessors. It is a desperate attempt to encourage Bog and Turbary owners to sign up to it in haste and under false pretences. Those who do are likely to regret it at their leisure.

Remember! you can only sell out your and your descendants Turf Cutting Rights once ! and once sold you will never ever recover them.

Circuit Fitness Classes

Classes commence in Lorrha Hall Tuesday 1st November at 7.30pm. Suitable for all fitness levels. €30 for six classes. Further details contact Sean @ 086-0522157. All welcome.

Church News.

Please take note that Mass time for the winter months will be as follows.
Lorrha. Sundays at 10.30am commencing Sunday 30th October. Rathcabbin. Sundays ay 11.30a.m. (remaines unchanged) Redwood. Vigil at 7.30p.. commencing Saturday 5th November.

Public Lecture.

Coping with loss in a time of change – a public lecture by Christy Kenneally will take place on Monday 14th November at 8p.m. in the Clarke Memorial Hall Borrisokane.

Used Clothes Collection Reminder.

This Thursday October 27th (voting day) from 9a.m to 9 p.m. and again on Saturday November 5th from 11a.m to 4pm. You can bring your unwanted clothes either in a bag provided or in your own bag to the collection points which are Lorrha Hall and outside the Church in Rathcabbin (Kelly’s side).
Bags will be provided for the disposal of any unwanted clothes and anyone wishing to avail of the free bags can contact any member of the committee or call Rose at (086) 8647166. All money raised goes back into the village.


Sincere thanks to everyone who helped with the recent bag packing fundraiser which took place in Tesco Nenagh. Your help and support is much appreciated by the Development committee.

Recent Retirement.

Best wishes is extended to Michael Moran Rathcabbin who has retired from North Tipperary Co. Council after 32 years service. Well done Michael.

Rathcabbin Players.

Anyone interested in taking a part in the groups forthcoming production is invited to a meeting this Wednesday night the 26th in Rathcabbin Hall at 8.30p.m. or call Des on (087) 7774999. Producer Ann Moloney will be in attendance to help pick a suitable play for staging the last week-end of January 2012 commencing Thursday night 26th to Sunday night 29th inclusive and the first week-end in February Friday night 3rd. to Sunday night 5th. inclusive.

Babysitters Required.

The parents of Rathcabbin parent and toddler group are looking for baby sitters in the area. If you are interested you are invited to please put your name on the list which is in Kellys shop. All help appreciated.

Mid Term Activities in Rathcabbin.

Kelly’s are running a singing circle on Tuesday 1st November from 3 to 5p.m. for kids. There’s a full list of singing lined up with songs from ‘One Direction’ ‘Sound of Music’ ‘A Irish Language song’ ‘Aladdin’ and many other well known songs and numbers.
And the activities doesn’t stop there. On Thursday November 3rd from 3 to 5pm in Kellys well known artist Mary McGeeney will lead a ceili with dancing like the siege of Ennis shoe the donkey and the hay mans jig to name just some of the action lined up. Admission is free to both events but under 8’s must be accompanied by a grown up. So all are invited to Kellys on Tuesday 1st and again on Thursday 3rd. Looking to seeing you all there.


Liam Lawton is inviting all choir members to come to a workshop in St. John’s Church Tyone Nenagh on Tuesday night November 22nd at 8p.m. so that for future Diocesan events we will have a Mass Setting that is common to all parishes. Each participant will receive a book of the Glendalough Mass and CD. Cost is 15 euro per person. Call (087) 7476007/(041) 9825793. Bookings are essential.

Come Dancing.

Old time dancing continues this Friday night in Lorrha GAA clubhouse with music provided by Midnight Melodies from 9.30p.m. to 12.30p.m.


All are invited to the Halloween Hooley in the Ferry Inn Lorrha on Saturday night 29th. October from 9.30p.m. There will be games galore fancy dress with prizes for the best dressed Male and female. Music and Halloween treats for all of you aged over 18. A great night is anticipated.

Ghost Walk.

Don’t forget the Annual ghost walk in Lorrha on Monday night 31st October starting at 8p.m.

Historical Society.

Lorrha & Dorrha Hitorical Society are holding a meeting on Saturday the 29th of October at 6pm in Mahers Lorrha. All are welcome.


Lorrha/Rathcabbin Angling Club are having a fundraising duck on Lorrha river in village at 4p.m.. tickets are 3euros per duck members are currently selling tickets please support as it is for cleanup and maintenance of our local river.


Lorrha/Rathcabbin Gun Club are having a long tail pheasant competition in Mahers on Nov 1 at 9p.m.

Employ Ability Services.

North Tipperary Employ ability services helps people with a disability to gain employment while providing effective solutions to employer’s staffing needs. For further information or to make an appointment to see a job coach call to 4 Upper Sarsfield St. Nenagh or call (067) 37896 or Roscrea at (087) 9181857 or Thurles at (087) 9181852.


A harvest auction will be held in Derryoober N.S. Gurteeny Woodford on Sunday 30th October at 2 p.m. The purpose of this auction is to raise funds for the development of a gym and gym equipement for the adult day Services at St. Dympna’s Portumna. A large range of quality items such as agriculture hardware building materials fuel electrical goods vouchers and much more. will be available for sale. Sponsorship will be welcome to Paul Conroy on (087) 9361660.

Smile Awhile.

A little boy asked his father
‘Daddy how much does it cost to get married?’
Father replied ‘I don’t know son I’m still paying.’