Lorrha Notes

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Brother and sister Sean and Fiona Molloy were winners on Easter Monday in the Lusmagh Camogie club 5K Muck run. Sean was the first male home in a time of 24 and a half minutes while Fiona was the first female over the finishing line drain in a time of 28 and a half minutes. Well done to both. 

Hall A.G.M

The Annual General Meeting of St. Ruadhan’s Community Hall Lorrha will be held on Thursday 9th April at 8pm.

Important Meeting.

The past few years has seen a decline in the life of rural Ireland and Lorrha is no exception, people are frequently remarking how quiet the village has become. Consequently it is now more important than ever that local communities consider and explore ways and means of addressing this situation. Lorrha Development Association will hold its AGM in the Community Hall, Lorrha on Tuesday 21st April at 8pm and appeals to every household in the area to be represented at this important meeting. We would greatly appreciate your attendance, any offers of help and new people to generate ideas that will benefit the village and its residents. Your contribution matters and does make a difference.

Thank You.

The Family of the late Tony Reddin (RIP) would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for your kindness and support during the sad time of Tony’s death. It was greatly appreciated.

Church News.

April 10th will be counted as First Friday. Communion will be taken to the sick. Mass at 9.30am in Lorrha. Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion in Rathcabbin Church at 8.00pm.

The Roscrea Spring Conference at  Mount St.Joseph Cistercian Abbey, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.  The 56th consecutive conference: Friday 10th April – Sunday 12h April 2015.  Theme: The Céli Dé.   Contact  Fr Kevin Daly osco,   guestmaster Mt St Joseph, 050525600;   guesthouse@msjroscrea.ie.      www.msjroscrea.ie.

North Tipperary Ploughing Results.

North Tipperary Ploughing committee thank everyone who helped in whatever way on Sunday 29th for the 50th Anniversary event. Supporters and competitors and especially those who travelled long distances to compete in difficult weather conditions. A special word of thanks to the Lambe family for the excellent location. The raffle will now take place on Saturday 18th April in Kelly’s Rathcabbin. Tickets are still on sale from all members, please support. The results of the Jubilee ploughing championships are:

Single Furrow Vintage: 1st. Trevor Fleming (Cork East), 2nd. Ronan McCormack (Meath), 3rd. James Hough (North Tipp), 4th Andrew Hogan (North Tipp).

Classic Vintage: 1st. Brian McNally (Cavan), 2nd. Trevor Hogan (North Tipp), 3rd. Eamon Kiernan (Longford).

Trailer Vintage: 1st. Tommy Pierce (Wicklow), 2nd. Tom McCabe (Meath).

Vintage Hydrolic: 1st. Ethan Harding (North Tipp), 2nd. Oliver Smyth (Meath), Joint 3rd: John McBryde (Offaly) & Michael Bourke (Galway).

Reversible: 1st. Joe Slattery (North Tipp), 2nd. Enda Kelly (Offaly), 3rd. Jimmy Ryan (Kilkenny).

Under 28 Reversible: 1st. Danny Dwyer (Kilkenny).

Under 28 Conventional: 1st. Sean Monaghan (Offaly), 2nd. Sean Treacy (Carlow).

Senior Conventional: 1st. Pat Higgins (Galway), 2nd. Anthony Reynolds (Longford), Joint 3rd: John Slattery (North Tipp), Christy Carton (Westmeath).

Junior Conventional: 1st. Noel Howley (South Tipp), 2nd. Paddy Finnegan (Longford), 3rd Donal Troy (Laois).

Intermediate: 1st. Jonathan Murray (Offaly), 2nd. Alan Davis (Laois), 3rd. Eamon Meade (Laois), 4th. Des Murphy (Wexford).

Three Furrow: 1st. Ciarán Milne (North Tipp), 2nd Liam Morris (South Tipp), 3rd. Tom Ryan (South Tipp).

Under 21: 1st. Liam Murphy (North Tipp), 2nd. Brian Coady (Offaly).

Farmette: Laura Grant (Offaly).

Horse Class: 1st. Gerry Reilly (Galway), 2nd. Joe Egan (Longford), 3rd. Michael Burke (Galway), 4th. Philip Larkin (Galway).

Iron Horse Class: 1st.Gavin Duffy (Dublin), 2nd. Richard Duffy (Meath), 3rd. J.J. Farrell (Meath), 4th. Benny Usher (Dublin).

Loy Digging. Intermediate Open: 1st. Sackie O’Brien (North Tipp), 2nd Martin Payne (Longford), 3rd. Joe White (Longford), 4th. Eoin Clancy (North Tipp).

Senior Open:  1st Thomas Tierney (Westmeath), 2nd. P.J. McStay (Westmeath).

Under 21: 1st. Michael Kennedy (North Tipp), 2nd. Jack Ryan (North Tipp).

Ladies Loy: Amy Daly (Westmeath).

Apostolic Society.

Lorrha Apostolic Work Society will be holding their Annual church gate collection on the week-end of April 11th and 12th. They ask you for your support.

Summer De-Clutter.

Thinking of clearing out the wardrobe to make room for the Summer collection? Lorrha Development/ Tidy Towns continue with unused clothes collection throughout the Summer months. De-clutter your wardrobe, attack your attic, recycle all unwanted/unused items of clothing to make room for your Summer collection. We will accept any kind of bag or in bags provided by the committee. We can collect your unwanted items. Just call or text  (086) 8647166, (086) 8493595 or (086) 8355405 with your name and details. We appreciate your support. All money raised from all fundraising ventures is used for the ongoing work around Lorrha Village which helps to keep two adults employed.

Smile Awhile & Laugh a Little Every Day.

An elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of years.. He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100% The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘Your hearing is perfect.. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.’ The gentleman replied, ‘Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I’ve changed my will three times!’