Holy Week & Easter Services in Church Of Ireland.

Monday 6th. April.   8.00 p.m. Dorrha Compline (Late Evening Service).
Tuesday 7th.           8.00p.m.  Lorrha.         "               "         "              "
Wednesday 8th.     8.00p.m.  Lockeen.      "               "         "              "
Thursday 9th.         8.00p.m.   Birr          Holy Communion with the Revd Rosemary Lindsay of the Methodist Church.
Friday 10th.             8.00p.m.   Birr.         Good Friday. Our Lord’s Passion.
Saturday 11th.        9.00p.m.   Lorrha.    Easter Vigil. Holy Communion with Bishop Trevor Williams.
Sunday 12th.           9.30a.m.  Lockeen. Easter Day. Holy Communion.
                                 11.00a.m. Birr.                                 Holy Communion One.
                                 Readings for Easter Day:
                                 Acts 10: 34-43   Easter Anthems   1 Corinthians 15; 1 – 11   John 20: 1-18